X100F Love

Throughout the many years, I’ve spent as a photographer, I’ve wasted quite some time reading about gear and trying to acquire better gear. Here’s a strange love story with the Fujifilm X100F.

By many accounts and including my experiences with a previous model (X100S), it is the perfect camera for everyday use. Compact, great aesthetics and a sharp 35mm equiv. lens. Since it is an APS-C sensor, the actual focal length is 23mm. It’s also the most compact combination of an f/2 lens that I’ve held in my hands.

When the X100F came out, how could I not fall in love? It looked like a classic film camera. It even had some amazing film simulation modes that the Fuji colour scientists put together. Most of all, it was a simple camera that could represent the artist’s image. One camera, one amazing lens. For me, that’s the ideal goal.

Then I had it in my hands. It was a wonderful piece of engineering and goddamn, the optical and electronic viewfinder was the ultimate combination. Every dial and knob was built like tank. The colour profiles (or film simulations) were amazing… yet it didn’t do anything that my A7ii couldn’t do.

The noise control is amazing for an APS-C sensor, yet the A7ii combined with in-body image stabilisation was just that much better that it made a significant difference. It was refreshing to use an optical viewfinder, yet the A7ii EVF was so good it didn’t really make a difference. The X100F was a wonderful and pretty camera to use, yet the A7ii was just one step ahead.

And so, the love story ended. Perhaps I would have kept the Fuji if I didn’t need the extra money, but trying to slim my gear collection down, the A7ii simply provided more image quality and flexibility. Will I buy the next X100 series camera? Probably, but it won’t replace my main kit.


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