Not so flat


It is now coming up to two months since the trip to the magnificent New Zealand has ended and I certainly do miss that country. It’s been a slow process going through the photos that i’ve captured on the trip, however, I now have more content to post!

For this particular post, i’ll be sticking to the wonderful distant views of Mount Cook. It is the highest peak to exist in New Zealand and oh my, what a sight it was to witness as it came closer and closer into view.


Just look at the passing car for scale. What immense beauty.

Driving along the lovely windy roads, pulling closer and closer to yet another stop. It was fairly cloudy and rainy as visualised in the above image, in fact, was raining quite heavily on the approach to the area around Mt. Cook and I doubted the sight that would be revealed as seen in many images from an image search. But let’s not let that get in the way! A few more km’s and there she was. Ever so slightly hiding behind some low passing clouds, the base of Mt. Cook and the absolutely glistening lake that sat below it. It was just breathtaking.

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