A Change of Scape.


Sitting inside a cosy, warm room hiding away from the crazy winds and rain as I type away. It’s a perfect time to go through the photos i’ve taken so far.

As of the time of writing, I am on a trip around the South Island of New Zealand and from what my eyes have witnessed so far, it is definitely A change of scape. It’s magnificent, it’s beautiful.. It’s empty yet so full of wonders at the same time. The major difference is the vastness of the land that is uninhabited, left untouched.

The colours are nothing short of miraculous and the way the light carves its way through the mountains is certainly a sight that has to be witnessed. It’s so different being away from the city life and the craziness, the rush, the sense of panic that constantly surrounds you. Here? None of that. Just pure wilderness.

I’m just over half way through the trip now and have managed to capture some amazing sights in which I will post up slowly!

(Picture shown is from the walk to Franz Josef Glacier.)_DSC7274-HDR.jpg


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