Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Nearly every photographer I’ve come across has had gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) at some point in their photographic journey. With a veritable plethora of articles online about why you don’t need that shiny new camera, or that new 50MP sensor; here’s a simple reason why it may be good.

New and shiny toys make you want to play with them. That means when you get a new lens or a new body, you’re bound to go out and shoot more often. I’m not saying you should go out and be in debt, but GAS isn’t always bad.

When I first acquired my Fuji X100S, I literally took it everywhere with me. Its small size and fun factor was a great match for taking photos on the way to school. My DSLR at that time was a chunky Canon 70D. That camera inside a protective bag took up nearly half my backpack. Yet the X100S, was smaller than a pencil case.

We all know practice makes perfect. I know for sure, every time I get a new lens, I’m suddenly inspired and I want to try it out everywhere. I go from taking one or two photos a day on average, to maybe 10-20 with new gear. Don’t spend all your money, but enjoy a new lens or body every now and then.


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