Black and White, Shadow and Light

A morning spent in black and white, shadow and light. After finally getting my favourite and main camera back, the Sony A7ii, I was excited enough that it felt like a new toy. It had spent a month or so getting a stuck shutter fixed. For some reason, my Sony has broken more times than my other cameras combined.

I mounted my favourite lens, the 85mm f1.4. It has great compression and beautiful bokeh. For walking around, I prefer either the tiny Zeiss 35mm f2.8 or the 85mm f1.4.


I normally dislike black and white in digital because I feel like it’s cheating. You don’t have to be mindful of the background colours and whether it matches the subject. It’s the easy way out. Hence you will see many amateur photographers shoot in black and white. A good black and white photo should play with gradients and shadows.


On this day, I felt like something different. So enjoy the photos.




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