The One


There will be a point in time, where you’ll come back and visit your previous images – and there will be that one image that really pops out and stands out to you.

I call that, ‘The One’.

An image, no matter what it is of or with what it was taken with, be it a landscape, a portrait, a beautifully lit object that no one would think of capturing – It is the one in your mind. Where both sentimental and feelings of achievement can be derived from a glance of your own image, to me, that is what makes photography awesome as a whole. The money shot to your world.

As Young had written in a previous post – There’ll be a photo that will light you up on the inside, with strong motivational drive to make it the best it can be.

It’s this train of thought that can really make you focus on a fantastic image and hey, it is always good to be proud of your work!

This is ‘The One’ for me.


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